Master The 7 Service Triggers

Adam Toporek's popular 7 Service Triggers framework is brought to life in this virtual training course. Through video animation and worksheets, you will learn how to prevent the common triggers that frustrate, annoy, and even anger customers.


Why Master the 7 Service Triggers Is a Hit with Learners

"I thought that I already covered most if not all of the criteria concerning delivering great customer experience. Boy was I wrong… it was actually an eye opening experience." Jin L.

In November 2013, we first released our concept of the 7 Service Triggers with a webinar entitled Mastering The 7 Service Triggers. Over time, the 7 Service Triggers has evolved into a more fully developed concept. With the release of Be Your Customer's Hero in early 2015 (and the entire third section of the book dedicated to the topic), the 7 Service Triggers expanded to an even broader audience.

Since that time, we've talked about the 7 Service Triggers in blog posts, workshops, and speeches, and what we discovered along the way was that they are an audience favorite! They truly resonated with people.

Over time, we've taken the 7 Service Triggers to a whole new level by doing the following:

  • We refined the content, making it deeper and richer,
  • We expanded the tips and techniques, making it even easier to prevent the triggers from being pulled, and
  • We conducted original research with 1,000 consumers to increase and deepen our understanding of the triggers.

Now, I am pleased to announce that the 7 Service Triggers are an online training course, and here's why you need it!

An Ounce of Proactive Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Reactive Cure

Let me ask you this: Would you rather solve a customer service issue or prevent that issue from happening in the first place? Obviously, prevention sounds a whole lot better.

But here’s the catch: As humans, we tend to look for solutions to problems we already have.

I can tell you after training thousands of frontline employees that I can probably count on my hands the number of questions I’ve received about how to prevent a customer issue from occurring.

But this approach is not only inefficient but also drains time, energy, and profit.

This course is designed to get you your time back and to make your life easier by using the 7 Service Triggers to prevent common customer service issues from occurring in the first place. 

A Course Designed for Busy People
This course was designed with busy professionals in mind. Here are a few of the key features of the course:
  • 10 Easy-to-Chunk Modules. Like my book Be Your Customer’s Hero, I’ve designed this course to be digested in small chunks. There are 10 modules with a varying number of lessons and resources within them. Most lessons are comprised of short videos, generally between 1.5 to 3 minutes long.
  • 5-Week Program. To avoid information overload, the course is released over a 5-week period. You will receive two modules when you first purchase the course and then 2 modules per week after that.
  • No Filler, No Fluff. We didn’t add extraneous material just to create a “balanced” course. Some modules are deeper than others, because that’s the nature of the content. It’s just reality; there are a lot more techniques around helping a customer not feel abandoned than around feeling powerless.
  • “Explainer” Videos. Did you know that explainer videos (the kind where the hand draws the words or images on the screen) can increase retention by up to 15%, which one researcher describes as an “absolutely massive” increase in retention. At CTS, we love our brain science, and this technology is on the cutting edge of learning.
  • Worksheets. At the end of specific modules, you’ll find worksheets to help you work through the concepts in the course. Notice, we said worksheets not workbooks. These are designed to be quick and can be done by yourself in 15-30 minutes or as the basis of a team discussion in under an hour.

The beauty of prevention in customer service is that it truly is a "force multiplier," a little bit of investment in making sure customer experiences go smoothly and customer triggers are not pulled can produce an outsized return.

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