Not Everyone Can Be a Hero to Their Customers. With CTS Online Learning, You Can!

Want to make working with customers easier?  Want to be create better customer experiences that result in increased retention? Check out our virtual training courses and physical products.

How to Deal with Difficult Customers

People at all levels of organizations struggle with difficult customers. In the most comprehensive course of its kind, Adam Toporek delivers a masterclass to help you feel more calm and more confident when facing the toughest service situations!

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Master the 7 Service Triggers

Adam Toporek's popular 7 Service Triggers framework is brought to life in this virtual training course. Through video animation and worksheets, you will learn how to prevent the common triggers that frustrate, annoy, and even anger customers.

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Be Your Customer's Hero Desk Kit

Get the materials that participants at our live workshops receive! One (1) signed paperback copy of Be Your Customer's Hero, three (3) Pocket Guides with key principles from the book, and three (3) Depersonalization Desk Cards to help you get through those tough situations.

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Applying Modern Insights from  Psychology and Neuroscience

Our training goes past the traditional concepts you've probably seen or been trained on in your organization. Sure, we cover service fundamentals, but we also enhance them using the latest research and have developed unique ideas being use in other fields and applied them to customer service.

A Different Way of Looking at Customer Service

All of our virtual courses are designed and written by customer service expert Adam Toporek. As a 3rd generation entrepreneur, Adam brings a unique lens to customer experience and customer service. Our training materials are designed to work in the real world.


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